Build The American Naval Shipyard

There will be a rally held at Black River Landing on Monday May 3rd at 10am to garner support and media attention to build the American Naval Shipyard in Lorain. This event is being held by the AFL-CIO Metal Trades Dept and Bartlett Maritime. The following letters have been sent to elected officials and a Work Committee is being established to continue the push to bring the Shipyard to reality.

4.6.22 Senator Portman Invite

4.7.22 Senator Sherrod Brown Invite-1.docx

4.7.22 Congresswoman ShontelBrown_ Invite-1.docx

4.7.22 Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur_ Invite-1

4.7.22 Congressman Tim Ryan Invite

4.7.22 _ Lorain Mayor Bradley_ Invite-1.docx