Unemployment Update

Brothers and Sisters,

This morning Local 42 received an update from ACTOHIO regarding the Union verification letter and/or form that is normally required of our members to file an unemployment claim. Please note that we have been working to find out whether or not this letter or form is required as we were told that it was not during the Covid-19 crisis. ACTOHIO just followed up with us and has confirmed from ODJFS that it is NOT required right now. If you receive this notice please disregard. Here is the response from ODJFS and ACTOHIO on this:

If they didn’t file with the common layoff number, they should ignore any requests for this information. Those filing with the common number should not be receiving the message at all.

The common layoff number she is referring to is the mass layoff code I sent out last week 2000180. Members filing claims with this code should not receive a request for union verification during processing. For members that did not or inadvertently do not use the code to file, they should ignore the request they receive for union verification until after this is over and ODJFS notifies us that it is once again required.


If you have any questions please give John or Brian a call.  Stay safe!!