UA Delegate Nomination & Election Updates

Brothers & Sisters,
Due to the increasing spread of Covid-19 along with further restrictions from the State of Ohio, the SPECIAL CALLED MEETING
FOR MONDAY DECEMBER 14, 2020 HAS BEEN CANCELED. Please find the required nomination and election notices listed
below regarding the 2021 UA Convention Delegates. Local 42 will be allotted five (5) delegates to the 2021 UA Convention, with
2 of those being the full time, paid officers (BM & BA). Recently we have received strong recommendations and guidance from
General President McManus regarding the upcoming nomination and election of 2021 convention delegates. GP McManus has
used his authority to allow locals to take safer, alternative means of completing the nomination and election process. Local 42
will be utilizing the ‘Alternative Procedure For Nominations’ as stated by GP McManus. This procedure is posted on the Local 42
website under the update titled “UA Delegate Nomination & Election Updates”. For the safety of the members we will utilize a
drive-thru setup for the voting of delegates. The official notices for nominations and election of convention delegates are posted
below. For any member interested in serving as a convention delegate please be aware that due to Covid, locals are being told the
2021 convention will take place, in a yet to be determined format, one of three ways. 1) A normal, full convention with all delegates
attending in person, in San Diego, August 23-27, 2021. 2) A partial in person/partial virtual convention with full time paid officers
attending in person and all other delegates attending virtually. 3) A 100% virtual convention.


There will be an informational video conference held via ZOOM platform on Monday January 11, 2021 @ 5pm. This meeting will
report the members that have been nominated to be delegates and report on their eligibility per the UA Constitution. Download
information regarding the ZOOM app is available online and will also be posted to the Local 42 website at under
the update titled “UA Delegate Nomination & Election Updates” towards the bottom of the home page. Information to access the
ZOOM meeting: Meeting ID: 425 514 1444   &      Passcode: ualocal42!
The day of the meeting, this meeting ID # and password will also be listed on the Local 42 website along with a direct link to tap
to attend the meeting. For security purposes, we ask that members list their first and last name in the app so we are only allowing
members into the Zoom meeting.
Nominations must be made to Local 42 President and/or the Election Committee by one of the following two methods:
USPS mail to: Local 42 President/Election Committee @ 187 Woodlawn Ave. Norwalk, Ohio 44857
Via emailing: AND/OR
Date & Time: Through Thursday, January 14th, 2021 @5:00 p.m.
• Nominations will be vetted by the Election Committee to determine candidate eligibility.
• Self-nominations are permitted. A member nominated by another member will be contacted by the Election Committee to
determine if the nomination is accepted.
• The list of nominated members will be posted before the election to the Local 42 website at
• UA Constitution SEC. 17: No member shall be eligible as a delegate or alternate unless he shall have been a good standing
member of the Local Union which he is to represent for at least the two (2) continuous years previous to his election and he
remains in good standing from the date of his election through the period of the convention.
Check the Local 42 website at for notices related to the election of convention delegates

Date & Time: Monday, March 8, 2021 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Local 42, 187 Woodlawn Ave. Norwalk, Ohio 44857
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, voting will be done via drive-thru method that will allow members to remain in their vehicles.
Three (3) delegates shall be elected by highest vote totals. The next highest two (2) shall be alternates. In case of a tie vote, there
will be a runoff election Tuesday, March 9, 2021 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m at 187 Woodlawn Ave. Norwalk, Ohio 44857.
• The list of nominated members will be posted before the election to the Local 42 website at
• Election results will be posted to the Local 42 website at
• All other notices related to the election of delegates will be posted to the Local 42 website at
• Questions regarding nomination and election of delegates to the UA Convention may be made to the Election Committee
Approved by General President McManus for March 2021 Officer and Delegate Elections
In lieu of a traditional in‐person nomination meeting, nominations for Local Union office may be conducted in accordance with
this Alternative Procedure for Nominations, provided that members are given notice of this Alternative Procedure in the combined
nominations/election notice sent out to members in accordance with Section 122(a) of the UA Constitution.
1. The Business Manager, President and the Election Committee shall work together to put these procedures into practical effect.
2. Nominations must be made by sending a letter or email to a member of the Election Committee or the Local Union President.
Self‐nominations must be permitted and no second may be required for a nomination. Nominations must be received within
three (3) days after the date of video‐ or teleconference discussed in Paragraph 5 below.
3. The President or Election Committee must contact members who are nominated for office by other members as soon as possible
regarding whether they accept the nomination.
4. Using the latest eligibility reports based on Local Union records, the Election Committee must endeavor to determine the
eligibility of members who are nominated for office before the video‐ or teleconference discussed in Paragraph 5 below.
5. In lieu of an in‐person nominations meeting, the President must set up and conduct, with technical assistance provided and
costs covered by the Local Union, a nominations meeting by video‐ or teleconference. This meeting will be informational in
nature and access information must be provided to the members. During this video‐ or teleconference, the Election Committee
should provide a report on the members who have been nominated for particular offices and the eligibility of such members for
office, announce that any further nominations must be made by letter or email and must be received by the President or
Election Committee within three (3) days after the video‐ or teleconference, and provide other relevant information. To the
extent feasible, the President may, but need not, make use of technology to provide an opportunity for members to submit
questions or comments during the videoconference or teleconference, provided he or she consults with the Election Committee
before making such a decision.
6. After the deadline for submitting nominations has expired, and all eligibility determinations have been made, the Local Union
must mail to all members in good standing a list, organized by Local Union office, of members who have accepted nominations
and been determined to be eligible for office. The Local Union may, alternatively, post this list of nominations on its website as
long as it has previously advised the membership by mail to check the website for notices related to the election.
7. To the extent practicable, the foregoing alternative procedures should be read in conjunction with the Local Union’s existing
election procedures. The President and Election Committee may make limited departures from the foregoing procedures if in
their judgment, such departures are necessary and if such departures do not unduly infringe on the rights of members to make
nominations or run for Local Union office.


ZOOM App for Apple:

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ZOOM Meeting ID:425 514 1444

ZOOM Meeting Password: ualocal42!

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Meeting ID: 425 514 1444
Call in only Passcode: 4478513025


Alternative Procedure for Nominations as approved by General President McManus.


List of members nominated for convention delegate

  1. Mike Taylor
  2. Mitch White
  3. Curt Mackiewicz
  4. Matt Fuge
  5. Zach Elias
  6. John Brumby, SR.